Why do you need cybersecurity awareness training?

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    This [cybersecurity awareness training] is not intended to replace existing training, but instead be used as a supplement to existing training. CSAT is intended to be a tool used by organizations or individuals to augment their security posture. The target audience for this document is the end user and those with responsibility for their awareness and/or protection.
    This document should be used to develop end user cybersecurity cyber awareness training challenge training programs that should cover:
    1. Information Security (InfoSec) culture and behaviors;
    2. Information Technology (IT) security;
    3. Information Technology (IT) risk management;
    4. Information Technology (IT) compliance;
    5. Information Technology (IT) remediation; and
    6. Information Technology (IT) incident response.

    It is almost impossible to convince people to read a short article about cybersecurity. But if you can make it a game, they will play.
    Crowdsourcing has been around for a while, but not many people have taken advantage of it. There are some good reasons why.
    First, the technology isn’t quite there yet. The Mechanical Turk and other attempts to outsource thinking tasks to humans online generally only work on fairly simple problems, and they sometimes fail even at that. When they succeed, it’s often because the people doing the work are not really playing the game; they’re cheating in order to get credit for solving problems that aren’t really challenging.
    Second, most crowdsourcing requires you to put up a prize. Right now crowdsourcing is mostly used for contests or guessing games: you give some money to the best answer to a question, or offer your company’s product as a prize in a contest where people guess how popular it will be next year. This approach does work–it definitely gets attention–but it is expensive, and there is no reason why you couldn’t just ask your employees to play your game for free.
    Third–and this is the big one–people think of crowdsourcing as something done by corporations, not something done

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