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    Watching movies together is more fun, and bonding, than interminably discussing plot or analyzing character development.
    Movies are a fairly recent invention, too. In the 1930s, most homes had just one movie projector; most people saw only one movie a year. Then television arrived, and with it the ability to get movies and TV at home on demand, and to share them with others. Suddenly, movies were part of everyday life. And so were arguments about movies. The first movies had a serious flaw: they were too long, and in Hollywood at the time, no one cared about pacing.
    Most movies are still too long. The average movie today runs three hours, and the best movies are even longer.
    Most movies are also too serious, spending all their time on plot and character development. One problem is that movies are visual: they turn us into passive observers. For a movie to be really good, it needs to engage all our powers of observation and interpretation. But most movies avoid that challenge, keeping us in a passive position.
    Movies can also become boring if they keep repeating the same plot elements. Like art, movies are a kind of conversation. But a conversation is more interesting when it develops, as it often does in real life, into an argument.
    But movies are conversations that are happening in our own heads.
    Watching movies has become much less important since television arrived. But now, with the Internet and apps, movies are coming back. “Watch together” is a new app, created by a New York startup called WatchWith, that gives people the option to watch movies together.
    The app is an early experiment in using the Internet

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