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    When it comes to entrepreneurs, size matters. Small business owners are less likely than big companies to fail, but they are more likely than big companies to succeed.
    Why? The reason is that big companies are often characterized by bureaucratic processes that tend to discourage risk taking. The bureaucracy is designed to protect the company’s reputation, but all too often it protects the reputation of the bureaucracy, rather than the reputation of the company.
    On the other hand, small companies tend to be more flexible and nimble. They find it easier to try new things.
    Which raises the question: why do big companies tend to succeed and small companies tend to fail?
    The simple answer is that big companies have more money. They have better access to credit at lower interest rates. They have more employees. They have more time. They have more resources.
    But there’s more to it than that. It also has to do with how the big companies make decisions.
    Big companies are like bureaucracies, but the bureaucracies of big companies tend to be flatter. The responsibilities are broader, the lines of communication are shorter, and there is less specialization.
    In big companies, everybody is an expert on something. Everybody has an opinion, and everybody’s job is to defend that opinion.
    So it is not always clear who is responsible for what. In big companies, decisions and mistakes are diffused. The risk is mostly the risk of being wrong.
    In small companies, everybody is responsible for everything, and so are all about invoicing software the mistakes.

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