Inside twisted teen killer who fantasised about butchering her family

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    The teenager who brutally slaughtered a 10-year-old girl was a sensitive angelic child devoted to animals – until she was tortured by the demons in her mind (pictured, the killer being interviewed by police)

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    Next Joanne Hegarty: Dream jeans? These fit and flatter Feast all weekend: Roast butternut squash with pancetta and… It’s cocktail hour: Chicken, tarragon and brioche sandwiches Meet the smar

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    But this name change is only the most recent example of a cryptocurrency exchange launching the type of high-profile promotional effort previously undertaken by traditional financial services and Fortune 500 corporations. The Miami Heat now play in FTX Arena, named for another crypto exchange (that is also the official cryptocurrency exchange of Major League Baseball). And FTX has purchased ad time during the upcoming Super Bowl. 

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